Organic Shampoo


Industrial shampoos contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), which can give hair softness and shine. But in the long run, it causes dryness, hair breakage, irritation of the scalp and the appearance of dandruff. There are even studies that link SLS to potential hair loss and baldness.

That is why we created the Futna Organic Shampoo, which contains ingredients such as coco-glucose and coco-betaine, which are natural ingredients derived from sugar and coconut oil. We have also added provitamin B, argan oil, organic almond oil, rosemary oil and lemongrass to make you a wonderful, safe and healthy shampoo that you can use with confidence.

We recommend using this amazing shampoo with our new Futna Hair Conditioner, which is made of healthy natural and organic ingredients such as silk protein and argan oil, and our new Futna Mama’s Leave-In Conditioner, which is applied on the hair without rinsing and is made from aloe vera and organic avocado oil.

Take care of your beauty and health with Futna products.