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Where are these products made?

Our Futna products are made from the highest-quality, natural & organic ingredients that are imported from France. They are produced in a professional lab in Amman, Jordan.

Do you deliver to my city/country?

We ship to all cities in Jordan. We provide international shipping as well.

What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges are different depending on where you live. You will see the shipping charges for your city calculated at the checkout page. 

How do I purchase your products online?

You can order here on our website
If you live in Jordan, it is possible to order on facebook messenger. It is also possible to pay on delivery. 

Can I find your products in shops?

You can find our products at the following addresses in Amman: 

Remedy's Pharmacy
Complex No 221, Mecca Al Mukarramah St 221, Amman, Jordan

Pharmacy One
Al Mashtal, near the American Embassy in Amman, Jordan

Shams Al-Balad
Amman, Jordan

How do I use your products? 

Please read the instruction label on each of our products. These instructions can also be found on every single product page on our website 

When you are using our creams, make sure to use a clean, dry spatula to avoid direct contact with your fingers for hygienic reasons. Also, don't add water to the products. 

How do I store/preserve this product?

Our Futna products can be stored in a dry place, such as in a cupboard or on shelves. Avoid storing the products in humid places or over 30 degrees celsius.

Why are your products expensive?

We use the highest quality, organic ingredients to create the best skin care natural products ever! We make sure to only include what's best for our skin, body and the environment. This is why the cost to produce these products is higher than other industrial products that contain toxic, cheap chemicals that are less beneficial and even harmful to us. By choosing to use Futna products, you are sure to be getting the best skincare products that there are out there. 

Can I get a discount?

Please follow our facebook page to stay up to date concerning any special discounts.  

Is there cortisone in your creams?

No, all our creams are made from high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. Please check each product page on our website for more information on the ingredients.

Is the deodorant alcohol and aluminum-free?

No, all our stick and roll-on deodorants are made from high-quality, natural and organic ingredients. Please check each product page on our website for more information on the ingredients.

What are the benefits of this product?

Check out our different categories and products pages on our website to see the benefits of each product on your skin and body.

Please feel free to contact us at if you have additional questions. 

What is the shipping time?

In Amman, orders are shipped on the same day or the day after, and will arrive within a day.
In the rest of Jordan, orders arrive within 2-3 days. 
International shipping takes between a week or 2, depending on where you live. 

Will I be charged for customs and taxes?

The prices displayed on our site include shipping taxes in US dollars, which means you may be liable to pay for duties and taxes once you receive your order. Import taxes, duties and related customs fees may be charged once your order arrives to its final destination, which are determined by your local customs office. Payment of these charges and taxes are your responsibility and will not be covered by us. We are not responsible for delays caused by the customs department in your country. For further details of charges, please contact your local customs office.