معجون أسنان صحي ابتسامة بيضاء صحية


A healthy, trouble-free toothpaste scented with essential oils of mint, lemon and cloves. Available in a refillable package, and there is also a family size. The price is 10 dinars with the package, 80 ml. And 25 dinars, the family size is 250 ml.

Why we made a healthy natural toothpaste flavored with the essential oils of mint, lemon and cloves. The reason stems from the fact that there are many substances present in toothpastes that cause harm to the body and should be avoided, including:

  1. Industrial dyes, some of them are related to petroleum derivatives, and their danger lies in the possibility of swallowing some of them daily
    2. Diethanolamine DEA is a petrochemical derivative and can interact with other components to form nitrosamines, which are toxic and freshness that cause cancer.
    3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Use as a foam. It has been proven to cause mouth ulcers
    4. Tricloyan: It has been proven to cause an imbalance in the secretion of hormones
    5. Titanium oxide: companies use it to whiten teeth. There is a great deal of controversy over its use
    6. Artificial sweeteners: May disrupt the functioning of the gut microbiome
    7. Triclosan: causes bone abnormalities and endocrine disruption
    8. Propylene Glycol: causes irritability in the eyes, skin and lungs
    9. Carrageenan: causes bloating and inflammation
    10. Aspartame: May cause hardware damage
    11. Saccharin: It can cause some people with bloating, headache, result and dizziness
    12. Chlorine dioxide: May cause irritation of the esophagus and mouth
    13. Fluoride: If dental products containing fluoride are swallowed, they can cause significant risks, especially for children