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Imagine you are trying to save yourself from harmful chemicals in order to live longer with your loved ones, and suddenly you discover a treasure: health and beauty together in a jar. This is when you realize that your little cream jars are not only giving you the healthiest beauty care possible, but that the results are absolutely amazing! Your skin becomes radiant, wrinkles fade and the texture of your skin becomes more youthful and clearer. On top of that, it all feels healthy and amazing!

This is the story of how Futna was created: Suheir, the founder of Futna, is also a chemist, a development expert and a mother of three.

One day, fifteen years ago, she was told that she suffered from cancer. Devastation and shock are few words to describe her state, but looking at her three children, she decided to survive and to live… She decided to fight for her life and to try to find a solution to her sickness, whatever it took.

Suheir dedicated her time to save herself. She knew nature is a healer and that it is her last resort to keep her healthy, strong and alive. She changed her diet, her lifestyle, and started making her own products based on the recipes found in the old books and modifying the recipes according to new discoveries in the natural beauty industry. Learning from doing, from research and leaning on her knowledge in chemistry, she developed enough recipes to service her and her household, the natural, organic way.

Grateful for the gift of life and wellness, and having been fortunate to be living in France where purchasing the needed organic ingredients is relatively easy, she started to make her own soaps and creams and all that is needed in the household.

Her home became free of chemicals. And in 2016, Suheir founded Futna in Amman, Jordan, after realising that there is a huge need for organic products in the country. Futna, which is the name of a beautiful flower in arabic, became a symbol of health, happiness, and pride. 

We hope that you enjoy using our products. 

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